RealityServer for Onshape

migenius is pleased to announced we are one of the launch partners for the Onshape App Store which has just entered private beta. We are making RealityServer available as an integrated application within Onshape running entirely in the cloud. Check out our dedicated RealityServer for Onshape product page for further details. Our integration with Onshape is still in beta at the moment however it is already very usable. You can request early access to the Onshape App Store private beta from this link. If you want to know more please contact us.

Paul Arden

Paul Arden has worked in the Computer Graphics industry for over 20 years, co-founding the architectural visualisation practice Luminova out of university before moving to mental images and NVIDIA to manage the Cloud-based rendering solution, RealityServer, now managed by migenius where Paul serves as CEO.

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