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Introducing the first Photorealistic 3D Rendering solution for developers in the Cloud.

Use photorealistic 3D rendering and the Cloud to solve key business problems.

migenius RealityServer® enables developers to easily integrate photorealistic 3D rendering into any application using the power of the Cloud. With a simple to use API and powerful NVIDIA® Iray® rendering technology, RealityServer provides a comprehensive toolset for building applications incorporating 3D Web services that produce stunning results.

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Award winning technology, deployed.

RealityServer technology has been utilised by Bloom Unit to create their cloud rendering offering for Trimble SketchUp. In 2016 Bloom Unit won the Lux Award for Enabling Technology of the Year for its innovation in the lighting design field and for what the judges called, “a brilliant use of real-time cloud computing” was named Disruptor of the Year at the 2017 Lighting Design Awards.

While you can use RealityServer in any industry, these accolades for its use in the lighting design area are a testament to the reliability and physical accuracy offered by by the Iray rendering engine underpinning RealityServer. Users in this field are deploying RealityServer, through Bloom Unit, where accuracy counts and photorealism is a basic requirement, not a nice to have feature.


So what is RealityServer?

RealityServer is a software development platform for integrating Cloud Based Photorealistic 3D Rendering in your application. It provides Web services and API frameworks that developers can utilise to easily integrate 3D rendering in any web based or desktop application. RealityServer runs as a server, much like a standard Web server like Apache or Microsoft IIS, it accepts requests and responds with streams of 3D rendered imagery. RealityServer is provided for developers to install either on their own servers or on those of popular Cloud providers. Continue reading to learn more about what makes RealityServer different from conventional client-side rendering approaches.

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Client Independent, any device, anywhere.

To access 3D content generated from RealityServer you only need an Internet connection and web browser or customised client application. You don’t need any local 3D hardware or software, there are no plugins to install and you don’t need to wait for large 3D models to download to your device before you can start viewing. Using a modern web browser you can readily access 3D content on your desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or any other connected device.

State of the art photorealistic rendering.

RealityServer is built directly on NVIDIA® Iray®. The very same rendering technology chosen by leading firms such as Dassault Systèmes, Siemens and Allegorithmic to power photorealistic rendering in their applications. Using the power of the GPU, Iray provides multiple rendering modes to address a range of use cases.

Iray delivers a uniform user experience while supporting  the demands of both interactive editing and final-frame, photorealistic rendering. Physically correct, Iray can produce accurate simulations of the true behaviour of light in any scene and does so with push-button simplicity.

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Battle proven, used by the best.

Chances are you may have already seen RealityServer in action without even knowing it.Well known brands are using RealityServer every day to generate dynamic, photorealistic imagery for their websites. Many organisations have deployed in-house RealityServer applications for design and development and there are now several applications available to end-users incorporating RealityServer functionality.

Support for Common Formats.

RealityServer supports many 3D and 2D file formats out of the box and you can easily write plugins to add support for your own file formats. For applications such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya migenius provides plugins which export data into the .mi file format for use with RealityServer. Directly supported formats such as Wavefront OBJ can be loaded without any translation.

For video streaming RealityServer offers streaming JPEG over standard HTTP as well as H.264 compressed video streams over the Adobe RTMP protocol for compatible clients. The plugin architecture of RealityServer also allows you to add our own video formats for streaming as well as for writing video to disk.

3D Geometry
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 / 2017 (via plugin)
  • Autodesk Maya 2016 / 2017 (via plugin)
  • glTF 2.0
  • OBJ
  • Assimp Supported Formats
  • mental ray .mi
2D Image
  • H.264, Adobe Screen Video
Easy to use Web Services API.

RealityServer works just like a web server. Just send it requests over the standard HTTP protocol using the JSON-RPC 2.0 specification for Web services. We also provide an easy to use high-level client-side API with full source code in JavaScript which handles all of the server communication and other basic functionality for you. For other languages such as Java, PHP and Ruby, there are many free JSON-RPC libraries that you can utilise to get started.

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Powerful Server-side API.

RealityServer exposes the full power of the NVIDIA Iray C++ API on the server-side. You can write plugins in C++ to manipulate your scenes, manage rendering, build geometry and anything else that is possible within Iray itself. Common plugins include file format importers and exporters (for both 3D geometry and 2D image data), procedural geometry creation and many more.

Your plugin commands are automatically documented through the Web services API and exposed just like native RealityServer functionality. So you can extend RealityServer for your own projects or create plugins to sell and distribute to third parties.

Learn more about the RealityServer Server-side API…

Server-side API


Integrates seamlessly with client-side tools.

Because RealityServer is a standards based Web service, you can easily integrate it with any technology that can access the web. Many RealityServer customers combine the server-side rendering offered by RealityServer with light weight client-side rendering with technologies such as Unity3D, WebGL and Acrobat 3D. migenius even provides example integration code for Unity3D.

Using a hybrid approach you can utilise light weight, low detail models for fast, low latency client side viewing and stream in photorealistic imagery created from full detail, original 3D datasets when the user pauses interaction. This approach gives you the best of both worlds, fast interaction and high quality with the added benefit of decreased server load.

Use your favourite GPU cloud vendors.

RealityServer plays nice with the growing range of GPU cloud vendors so you are never locked into a single provider. You can work with leading supplies of IaaS services such as Amazon, Nimbix, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute Cloud with servers available in the US, Europe and Asia.

GPU Cloud Providers


Protect your valuable 3D IP.

Your 3D datasets are a valuable IP asset. RealityServer never transmits any 3D data to the client, only rendered images. As a result your valuable 3D datasets remain secure on the server where they can be centrally updated and kept safe from potential misuse. As an added benefit there is no waiting around for large 3D datasets to download before viewing, allowing for an Instant-On approach to 3D on the web.


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