RealityServer on AWS

A lot of new customers ask us where they can run RealityServer since they don’t have their own server or workstation with NVIDIA GPU hardware available. Starting up RealityServer on Nimbix is covered in another article where everything is pre-configured for you, on AWS however you need to do a bit more setup yourself. We are assuming here that you are already familiar with Amazon Web Services and starting instances on Amazon EC2, along with basic concepts like security groups.¬†We won’t cover the basics of how to start an instance here however there is lots of good information about that online, including this guide from Amazon. So, let’s get started. Read More

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RealityServer on Nimbix JARVICE 2.0

The number of cloud service providers offering NVIDIA GPU resources is increasing and in today’s article we will show you how to get started using RealityServer with Nimbix. migenius has deployed several of its customer projects on the Nimbix platform and it offers some unique advantages such as containerised environments (instead of virtualisation), fast start-up times and usage charged by the minute instead of by the hour. On Nimbix migenius has set-up a pre-configured RealityServer environment for you, keep reading to learn how to sign up for Nimbix services and get RealityServer up and running. Read More

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Trove – Democratizing Jewelry Design

Trove is democratizing the design of jewelry and RealityServer is providing imagery to make it happen. Trove is an online platform for discovering, sharing and customizing 3D printed jewelry designs. Their website ( enables clients to design, visualize and create beautiful pieces of jewelry from their smartphone or tablet without the need for any special tools or training and, importantly, encourages them both to share and to be inspired by the designs of others in the Trove community. All this is enabled by the innovative application of new technologies throughout the creation process.

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