Interactive Photorealism for the Web

migenius™ RealityServer® enables the development and deployment of interactive and photorealistic applications and web services, allowing product designers, architects and consumers to easily visualise 3D scenes with remarkable realism.The RealityServer® platform is a powerful combination of NVIDIA® Tesla™ GPUs and 3D web services software that delivers interactive, photorealistic applications over the web, enabling product designers, architects and consumers to easily visualise 3D scenes with remarkable realism.Featuring iray® photorealistic rendering technology, RealityServer is the first web services platform that enables anyone to interact remotely with complex, 3D models and environments, from any perspective and under customisable lighting conditions. The RealityServer platform runs in GPU-based cloud computing environment, accessible using web-connected PCs, netbooks, and smart phones, enabling 3D web applications to dynamically scale based on utilisation requirements.

Interactive Collaborative Environments

RealityServer enables immersive 3D web environment for users such as:

Realistic Rendering

iray is the world’s first interactive and physically correct, photorealistic rendering solution. With iray, users can quickly create life-like images of their creations by using intuitive, real world approaches and interactively exploring their results through the processing power of the massively parallel CUDA™ architecture of NVIDIA GPUs to create images that show how lighting, texture and reflections change in real-time.


RealityServer software is a revolutionary web services platform enabling a new category of web applications to interact with highly complex 3D models, in life-like quality, on any web enabled device. Unlike solutions needing to send models to every user’s machine, RealityServer maintains and processes its data remotely, allowing it to flexibly scale to meet application needs while enabling impactful collaborative opportunities. With RealityServer, critical design decisions can now be made anywhere.

RealityServer applications leverage industry standard technologies for custom user interfaces hosting dynamic image streams coming from the server. Virtually any interactive technology that connects to HTTP can control RealityServer – from HTML, Flash and AJAX in browsers, to Adobe AIR or PDF in documents, to applications for the Apple iPhone. Flexibility continues to the server, where custom capabilities can be added for new possibilities, and integration with standard server technologies enable enterprise operations.

In practice, RealityServer provides professionals unprecedented freedom for interacting with complex 3D data, while bringing interactive realism to any user for the first time. Already deployed privately within numerous Fortune 100 companies, RealityServer’s new web services tier now makes it easy for the web development community to bring robust 3D to their solutions, while making their results intuitive and engaging with the photorealistic results of iray rendering technology. With RealityServer, energy resources can be explored, custom vehicles configured, design reviews conducted, and home improvements planned – all from the likes of any web-enabled device.

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