RealityServer® is a software development and deployment platform for application developers and service providers who want to enhance Web-based applications and services with server and Cloud-based rendering of 3D content.

The latest RealityServer release contains several components and a 3ds Max exporter to speed up the development process and reduce the time needed to prepare and maintain the 3D content for the application.

Web Services

As a server based platform component, RealityServer is using state of the art Web technologies to deliver high quality images and video stream to all web connected, in particular mobile devices. RealityServer based applications and services can be easily integrated into enterprise systems and made accessible via the Web.

Autodesk® 3ds Max® Exporter

This exporter is available for Autodesk 3dsMax 2011 and 2012 on 64 and 32 bit Windows Operating systems. This exporter enables you to export a 3dsMax scene into a structured .mi file for reuse in RealityServer. Refer to the included Readme file to learn about usage and functionality. Please feel free to download it and use it. But have in mind that there is no direct support for this piece of software and communication is handled via the RealityServer Open Forum exclusively and under its terms and conditions.

Web Viewer Example

This is a Adobe® Flash® based viewing application for RealityServer designed to allow users to quickly and easily navigate and view RealityServer server scenes with high performance using the best practices for implementing a RealityServer application. Its goal is to be embeddable and reusable by customers as well as to provide documented source code for how to achieve common application functionality with RealityServer. Feel free to adapt and re-use this code example and application.

H.264 Video Plugin

This plugin can be used in conjunction with RealityServer to enable video streaming for Adobe Flash based applications.

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