RealityServer provides a platform to collaborate and iterate on virtual 3D designs – from any web-enabled device using a wide range of consumer and enterprise applications. Creating, physically correct, photorealistic images in seconds instead of minutes or hours, RealityServer accelerates review cycles and potentially shaves weeks or months off the design cycle.Here are some examples of web environments positioned to deploy RealityServer:

Mass Customisation and Product Configuration

Mass CustomisationRetail experiences are rapidly changing with the advent of Mass Customisation, the ability to deliver highly customised and configured products to customers and manufacture them on demand is bringing new challenges to online retailers. How do you show a customer what a product will look like when there are literally millions of potential configurations of that product? RealityServer enables delivery of virtually configured products in photorealistic quality to any website.

Urban Planning and Management

Urban PlanningRealityServer’s scalable architecture makes it ideal for hosting even the most complex city models. Applications that use RealityServer as a platform stream the rendered frames to the output device – regardless of model size and server-client transfer rate. The interactivity of the application is thus only limited by the network latency. Full lighting simulation for both day and night time conditions allow planners to evaluate concepts and engage in public consultation with ease.

Architectural and Interior Design

ArchitectureRealityServer is the ideal platform for centrally storing and visualising architectural data throughout the entire design life cycle. Its scalable architecture allows even huge models to be displayed and shared with the highest degree of detail. Build applications that allow full photorealistic visualisation of large scale construction projects with only a web-browser and a connected device. Bring visualisation into the design process to help make decisions and correct errors rather than at the end of the process when such changes are extremely costly.

Product Styling and Design

RealityServer’s flexible rendering architecture supports product-driven application environments that can be operated from any location, even on client’s site, without downloading the actual 3D model. While keeping 3D assets secure on a remote server, RealityServer provides unmatched levels of realism using iray rendering technology, to interactively show how lighting, texture and reflections change – enabling digital prototypes to easily substitute real-life product prototyping. Designers and decision makers can visualise down to the finest details with interactive, photorealistic quality. Plus, these lifelike prototypes can easily be turned into high-quality print-ready images.


AutomotiveLeading automotive manufacturers rely on the rendering technology in RealityServer for the creation of the next generation of automobiles. Reducing the reliance on physical models and full scale mockups, RealityServer allows designers to test concepts in real-time and share with globally distributes teams. Centralised server-side rendering allows automotive manufacturers to pool their computing resources and make them available to geographically separated design teams in an efficient manner.

Marketing Collaboration Tools

Whether configuring a car, a kitchen, or an entire family home – RealityServer is the platform of choice for a whole new generation of online marketing tools. RealityServer allows the creation of multiple product impressions, from real-time, customised 3D product selection to repurposed 3D images inside individualised brochures.

Space Planning

Space PlanningInstead of relying on images rendered with traditional technologies, which could take several hours, with RealityServer, architects and interior designers can present their models to a client while discussing over a conference call. A client can shift to different viewpoints or even interactively walk through the space. Using iray technology, it is easy to iterate using different times of day and furnishing options to quickly go from idea to proposal.

Don’t See Your Application Space Here?

RealityServer is a flexible platform for creating almost any type of 3D Web Service based application. With advanced server-side rendering technology and a straight forward easy to use API, RealityServer allows you to create any application you can imagine. Don’t have in-house developers? migenius can help create your bespoke RealityServer solution for you, combining RealityServer with well known platforms such as Unity3D and standard Enterprise Web services.

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