Rendered with NVIDIA Iray (in Bloom Unit)NVIDIA Iray® is the world’s first interactive, photo-realistic and physically based rendering solution that leverages the parallel processing power of NVIDIA Quadro®, GeForce® GTX and Tesla™ graphics processing units (GPUs).

NVIDIA Iray is a state of the art, yet easy to use, photorealistic rendering solution with a robust C++API for seamless integration into 3D applications. Iray provides multiple rendering modes to address a range of use cases. Iray deliver a uniform user experience while supporting  the demands of both interactive editing and final-frame, photorealistic rendering.  Common material definitions provide continuity from realtime to final frame results within an easy to edit structure. Iray is highly scalable in performance across GPUs, CPUs, and local or remote networked machines. An internal database enables fast incremental changes, highly efficient cloud rendering, and powerful collaboration opportunities.

migenius provides licensing of NVIDIA Iray as well as integration development services. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and find out more about licensing NVIDIA Iray for use in your own application.

Please refer to the NVIDIA Advanced Rendering website for more general information in Iray.

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