NVIDIA® Iray® Server as a Service

Are you using NVIDIA Iray to produce your renderings but need more horsepower to get your projects finished and iterate faster? Our Iray Server as a Service offering might be just what you are looking for. It allows you to connect the power of cloud based GPU hardware to your local Iray application. It’s quick and easy to use and very affordable.

Great for DAZ3D Users

Iray Server as a Service has been particularly popular with DAZ3D users as a way to speed up rendering. Check out this video showing how to get up and running with Iray Server on Nimbix for DAZ3D.

Of course many more applications are supported. If your favourite Iray based application doesn’t have Iray Server support please ask its developers if they would consider adding it.

Supported Applications

migenius has teamed up with Nimbix to offer a pre-configured Iray Server as a service which you can use with any suitably enabled NVIDIA Iray plugin or application such as:

Get quick access to a powerful selection of GPU processing resources with easy per-minute billing and fast start up and shutdown times. You don’t need to set anything up or deal with licenses it’s all taken care of.

See Iray Server in Action

Check out the brief video below to see Iray Server running on the Nimbix cloud in 3ds max and Rhino with the associated Iray plugins to get a feeling for just how it works.

Please refer to your Iray plugin or applications documentation for details on how to connect to Iray Server. Using Iray Server as a Service on Nimbix is no different to running it locally, you’ll just need to put in the generated server name, username and password to get up and running.

Get Powerful GPUs Quickly

Choose from modern professional and consumer hardware (with queuing supported on both and streaming supported on professional hardware). Nimbix resources start up very quickly, in contrast to many other cloud providers so you can have an Iray Server up and running in about 20 seconds.

Select high end configurations such as the Quad Tesla M40 with 24GB of memory to get your jobs completed faster. Unlike virtualised services, Iray Server on Nimbix gives near bare-metal performance and because Nimbix charges by the minute, you only pay for the resources you need.

Learn More About Iray Server

If you haven’t used Iray Server or are not familiar with it, head over to the NVIDIA Iray Server page to learn more. Iray Server allows you to utilise NVIDIA GPU hardware in your networked machines to speed up your rendering tasks. It provides integrated job queuing and also offers streaming for interactive rendering directly in your Iray plugin. Our service simply puts this power in the cloud and gives you on-demand pricing.

Just like using Iray Server locally, in our Iray Server as a service you can start multiple nodes which will be clustered together to speed up your batch rendering queue (clustering is available only for batch rendering, not interactive streaming). Because you pay by machine time, using more machines for less time (because renderings complete faster) costs you the same as using fewer machines for a long time, so why not render faster!

If running machine types with professional hardware (Quadro or Tesla) you can also use Iray Server as a Service for interactive streaming. This enables you to accelerate your Iray viewport rendering with cloud GPU resources. Results are sent back to your plugin using low latency video streaming. This allows you to get an interactive rendering experience in your Iray plugins even on very low end machines with no GPU hardware at all.


Contact migenius today to learn more about Iray Server as a Service or get started right away. Be sure to reach out to us if you have any issues using the service.

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