Iray Programmer's Manual

Rendering options

The following sections describe specific attributes on the IOptions class, shown here with their default settings, for ambient occlusion and shadows as well as other miscellaneous parameters.

Ambient shadow and lighting

mi::Sint32 ogl_ambient_shadow_mode = 0

Controls the occlusion test for environment, instant sun and sky and ambient lighting:

  • 0: no occlusion test
  • 1: screen-space ambient occlusion applied to all material layers.
mi::Float32 ogl_ambient_shadow_radius = 1.0

World space distance beyond which occlusions are not considered.

mi::Sint32 ogl_ambient_shadow_ssao_samples = 4

Number of samples used in the screen-space ambient occlusion computation if ogl_ambient_shadow_mode is set to 1.

mi::Color ogl_ambient_intensity = 0

Intensity of ambient lighting.


mi::Sint32 ogl_antialiasing_mode = 1

Controls the antialiasing method:

  • 0: no antialiasing.
  • 1: FXAA antialiasing improving in particular the appearance of sharp edges.


mi::Boolean ogl_shadows = true

Global on/off flag for shadows.

mi::Sint32 ogl_shadowmap_resolution = 2048

Shadowmap resolution. Note: for omnidirectional point lights the resolution in each of the six main directions is 1/3 of this number.