Iray Programmer's Manual

Render mode selection

The value assigned to the render_mode parameter of the mi::neuraylib::IScene::create_render_context() method sets the render mode used to generate images.

Certain render modes are only available if their corresponding plugin is loaded. See the mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_configuration interface for methods to load plugins.

The following table lists the possible string values that can be assigned to the renderer parameter, the required plugin, and the purpose of each render mode:

String value Plugin name Purpose of render mode
ogl libogl Iray Realtime, an OpenGL rasterizer with a focus on realtime rendering and large displays.

Iray Realtime is an OpenGL render mode which uses coventional GPU raster algorithms to achieve realtime rendering speed. Iray Realtime targets a look for the materials that is closely matching the look in the other render modes. However, it has limitations when it comes to accurate reflections and refractions as well as lighting simulations. Iray Realtime leverages OpenGL 3.3 and NVIDIA extensions. It is ideal where rendering speed or large display support has priority and and limited photorealism is acceptable.

irt libirt Iray Interactive, a ray tracer with a focus on interactivity and editing.

Iray Interactive is an interactive raytracing render mode which uses faster yet less accurate rendering algorithms than Iray Photoreal. Iray Interactive targets a look which is consistent with the physically based result of Iray Photoreal, yet it is optimized for interactive scene manipulations. Iray Interactive leverages NVIDIA CUDA capable GPUs. It is ideal where ray-tracing effects, such as reflections and refraction, are desired and limited photorealism is acceptable.

iray libiray Iray Photoreal, a production-final renderer with full global-illumination support.

Iray Photoreal is an interactive, ray-traced renderer that generates "push-button" photorealistic imagery featuring complex global illumination effects. Iray Photoreal makes use of a highly optimized BSDF and EDF shading framework, essentially simulating the physical behavior of real-world material and light sources. Iray Photoreal can leverage NVIDIA CUDA capable GPUs to render photorealistic images in a short amount of time. If a system does not have CUDA capable graphics cards it will automatically fall back to CPU based rendering.

blend blend_render Iray Blend, which uses two configurable render modes for rendering operations.

Iray Blend starts to render progressively with the first render mode, then blends into the rendering results of the second render mode, and finally renders only with the second render mode. For example, Iray Interactive may be specified for navigation operations to support interactivity and then blend into Iray Photoreal for image refinement to get the best possible quality.