Iray Programmer's Manual

Mixed mode rendering and load balancing

Generally, Iray Photoreal uses all available CPU and GPU resources by default. Iray Photoreal employs a dynamic load balancing scheme that aims at making optimal use of a heterogeneous set of compute units. This includes balancing work to GPUs with different performance characteristics and control over the use of a display GPU.

The following key-value pairs, shown here with their default settings, control rendering when passed to mi::neuraylib::IRender_context::set_option():

mi::Float32 ui_responsiveness = 1.f/6.f

Using the device that drives the screen for rendering with Iray may lead to sluggish UI updates. This can be ameliorated by increasing the value of the ui_responsiveness option, up to a maximum of 1 . Note, however, that increased UI framerate may come at the cost of severely decreased rendering performance on display devices.

Note: Currently, this option is supported on Windows only.

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