Iray Programmer's Manual

The mi_exporter plugin


Use the mi_exporter plugin to enable the export of a scene to the NVIDIA Iray .mi file format. To enable the plugin it must be loaded in neuray using either the mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_configuration::load_plugin_library() or the mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_configuration::load_plugins_from_directory() method.


In addition to the standard options described for mi::neuraylib::IExporter::export_elements() and mi::neuraylib::IExporter::export_scene() the mi_exporter plugin has additional configuration options:

  • mi_write_binary_vectors_limit of type mi::IUint32. Geometric objects with vectors larger than this size are exported in a binary format. It saves space and speeds up both export and import, while making the data humanly unreadable.
  • mi_mdl_root of type mi::IString. When exporting memory-based MDL modules, the given value defines the location of the root directory to which the MDL data is exported.