Iray Programmer's Manual

Render modes

Loading the iray_bridge_client plugin makes three new Iray Bridge render modes available:

  • "iray_cloud (Photoreal Cloud)"
  • "irt_cloud (Interactive Cloud)"
  • "nitro_cloud (IQ Cloud)"

These render modes can essentially be seen as proxies for server side counter parts of the

  • "iray" (Photoreal)
  • "irt" (Interactive)
  • "nitro" (IQ)

render modes.

Simply render with any of the Iray Bridge render contexts to automatically connect to the configured server, upload any data not already on the server, and use its resources for rendering.

Note: Iray Bridge render modes have their own set of options and, generally, do not support the same options as their local counterparts. See Render context options for a list of supported options.