Iray Programmer's Manual



Iray Interactive render mode is aimed at interactive design workflows, with fast feedback for all scene updates, including but not limited to:

  • Material and texture editing

  • Transforming objects and changing flags

  • Placing lights, modifying light type, shape and parameters

  • Sun and sky parameters

  • Camera parameters (depth of field, tonemapping, backplate)

  • Environment and dome parameters

Note: Vertex-level mesh editing is not yet supported at interactive update rates.

Key Features

The following list highlights key features of Iray Interactive render mode:

  • Interactivity:

    • Instant and high-quality visual feedback

    • All scene elements editable in realtime

  • High Performance:

    • Efficient rendering algorithms

    • OptiX-based raytracing

  • Flexibility:

    • Rendering effects beyond the restrictions of physical plausability

    • Configurable quality/performance dial

  • Compatibility:

    • Material Definition Language support

    • Plugin renderer mode in NVIDIA Iray

    • Cluster rendering