Iray Programmer's Manual

Include files

The Iray API offers two groups of include files. One group consits of the Main include files while the other group consists of the Sub-include files.

Include files are self-contained. Internal dependencies are resolved automatically. As a consequence, their inclusion is order independent.

Main include files

The main include files provide the full functionality of their respective API. They do so by including all necessary Sub-include files.

Main include file Description
mi/base.h Includes all sub-include files of the Base API.
mi/math.h Includes mi/base.h and all sub-include files of the Math API.
mi/neuraylib.h Includes mi/base.h, mi/math.h and all sub-include files of the Iray API. Simply including this header gives you access to all the functionality of the Iray API.

Sub-include files

The sub-include files provide individual parts of their respective API grouped by functionality. If you include the respective main include file of an API, then there is no need to include sub-include files of that API anymore and of those APIs it relies on.

There may be include files that are not documented here. They are automatically included if needed and their independent use is not supported. Their naming and organization might change in the future.