Iray Programmer's Manual

Image file formats

neuray has no built-in support for reading and writing image data in different file formats. This support is solely provided by image plugins that can be dynamically loaded.

The following image plugins are currently available:

The FreeImage library offers support for various image formats, including DDS, EXR, GIF, HDR, JPG, PNG, and TIFF. Note that DDS and GIF (and possibly other formats not mentioned above) support only the import, but not the export of images. Note that the gamma value stored in PNG files is not taken into account.
The DDS (DirectDraw Surface) image format was established by Microsoft. While the freeimage plugin provides support for 2D DDS textures, the use of this plugin is recommended to add support for 3D textures, cubemaps, and mipmaps. It also supports the export of images.
The CT format is a lossless image format created by mental images.

Your neuray installation can be extended with image plugins that support other file formats.

Every image plugin needs to be loaded explicitly in neuray using the mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_configuration::load_plugin_library() or mi::neuraylib::IPlugin_configuration::load_plugins_from_directory() methods. The latter allows you to offer automatic plugin loading from a specified directory.