Iray Programmer's Manual

How to run a program

This topic describes how to run the example programs shipped with Iray. For a complete list of example programs see Example programs, and how to compile them.

The example programs that come with the neuray library release are programmed to run on a command line. Some examples expect additional parameters and they will show a help message in case parameters are missing.

Some programs use additional files or produce files in the directory as a result of their processing.

Please refer to the comments in the example source code and the respective topic that describes an example for details.

The example programs report results as well as error messages on stdout and stderr to the terminal where they are running. On Windows, the helper function keep_console_open() prevents the terminal from closing when running with an attached debugger, for example, when running within Visual Studio. This helper function is defined in the example_shared.h header file that is used throughout the examples.