Iray Programmer's Manual

Comparison with Iray Photoreal

Following is a list of key differences with Iray Photoreal:

  • Physically based but not unbiased.

  • Currently, no support for:

    • Volumetric effects.

    • Rounded corners.

    • Non-specular refraction. Frosted glass appears black.

    • Motion blur.

    • Custom matte objects.

    • Full light path expressions.

  • Support for physically inplausible flags:

    • Objects: shadow_cast, shadow_recv
      Note: Shadows are missing if not enabled in the scene.
    • Lights: shadow_cast

  • Support for trace depth parameters: depth, depth_reflect, depth_refract, depth_shadow

  • Differences in behavior of directional lights and shadows when the environment dome is enabled.

  • The opacity of decals can only be controlled by the cutout value, but not semi-transparent BSDFs. Furthermore, decals are not taken into account for shadows.