Iray Programmer's Manual

Bloom filter

Iray includes a built-in filter to roughly approximate a bloom/glare effect. As the filter is solely based on post-processing, it is mostly targeted at very subtle bloom and glare effects like adding slight halos to emissive objects.

The following attributes on the mi::neuraylib::IOptions class, shown here with their default settings, control the integrated filter:

bool iray_bloom_filtering = false

Enable or disable the filter.

mi::Float32 iray_bloom_filtering_radius = 0.01

Sets the blur radius of the bloom filter, specified as fraction relative to the output resolution.

mi::Float32 iray_bloom_filtering_threshold = 0.9

Specifies the threshold to cutoff bright spots in the image and blur these in a second step.

mi::Float32 iray_bloom_filtering_brightness_scale = 1.0

Scaling factor for the blurred bright spots when composited in the third step.