Iray Programmer's Manual

Binary storage format

neuray can read a special binary storage format which is optimized for fast reading and needs less disk space than a typical .mi file. Files containing this format are required to have the .mib file name extension. Files in the .mib format can be generated from any of the supported input file formats using the export functionality of neuray; see the mi::neuraylib::IExport_api::export_scene() and mi::neuraylib::IExport_api::export_elements() functions. The .mib file contains basically the same information as the file from which it was generated only in an optimized format.

Note: Be sure to use the same version of neuray when exporting (writing) and reading a particular .mib file. If you use a different version of neuray to read the .mib file, neuray will not read the file and an error message will be displayed.