We are fortunate to work with many industry leaders and household names. Here is just a sampling of our customers as well as end users who have benefited from our customers use of RealityServer and Iray technology. migenius works closely with every customer to help them achieve their goals and offers both software licensing as well as software development services. We can help you integrate photorealistic rendering into your next application.



Integrating RealityServer with our Kadanza brand asset & media management system has enabled us to make a 98% cost reduction compared with our previous manual process for delivering 3D imagery - that's great news for KAN and it's great news for our clients too.

Technicon developed a system for configuring and assembling lab automation equipment for a leading manufacturer. The 3D renderings generated by migenius technology let lab managers visually-validate their proposed layouts from multiple angles. The quality of the image output is very high considering the simplicity of our 3D models. During development, migenius was easy to work with and quick to respond when we needed support. They are the experts in their field.

It’s not just that RealityServer gives our users access to studio-quality renders from their mobile devices, but the support from the migenius engineering team during the process meant it was as if we had extended our team with experts in the rendering technology that delivers RealityServer’s amazing output – not just great results, but great support too.

Black Mana Studios
Black Mana Studios

We know that more than 60% of customers research furniture purchases online and, until now, less than 10% actually order online. We are changing that, but have to assume we will only get one chance to convince a customer to buy from us. If the visualisation process is too complex, or too slow, or anything less than photoreal, then they simply will not place that order, no matter how well the item is designed or how quickly we can deliver it. RealityServer was a great choice for us and the migenius engineering team was always there for us when we needed support during the integration process.

Precious metals must look realistic and RealityServer’s ability accurately to capture the interplay of light on surface textures helps our customers see how their design is going to look before they place the order.

The migenius technology has allowed our customers to truly build out their customized garments in real time on any device. From garment modifications, color application, and custom embellishment uploads, this technology allows a consumer to tailor the Boathouse brand to their image. Every product we offer on Boathouse is customizable, therefore the 360 degree rendering capability is extremely important allowing the customer to visualize all design options. migenius technology has given us the opportunity to put our factory in the customer’s fingertips.

We chose to use RealityServer as the primary rendering engine for the Fluid Configure online product configuration platform because of its high quality rendering capabilities, its HTTP interface, and its ability to scale horizontally. We were able to successfully use it because of the expert assistance of migenius. They helped us figure out how to most effectively configure, license, and use RealityServer; and helped us optimize our 3D rendering pipeline. In addition to boasting impeccable technical credentials, migenius is also consistently responsive and friendly. It is an ongoing pleasure to work with Paul Arden and the other folks at migenius.

Lighting Design has always been clouded in numbers and the ability to translate a quality lighting outcome from numbers is very difficult to understand. The beauty of the Bloom Unit platform enables us in the lighting industry to show our clients the qualitative aspects of the numbers in a way that is non-technical. Many luminaire suppliers market that their light fittings meet the requirements of a design standard. Bloom Unit enables us to see how well that standard is being met. In the realm of public lighting we can see how much light is falling on the vertical surfaces of buildings to ascertain the negative aspects of over lighting our cities at night.

The future of lighting simulation software is enhanced by ongoing development of collaborative cloud based software packages like Bloom Unit from the Australian company migenius. Bloom Unit is a powerful server based visualisation application that can quickly calculate millions of polygons of physical lighting even on difficult surfaces like glass, water and shiny metals.

Looking for a flexible and powerful 3D visualization solution for one of our international customer we did extensive research and evaluation of programs on the market. The only platform that could match the demand came from migenius. For more than five years we have embedded migenius technologies in our 3D configurator. The support and flexible solutions from miginius have been great. Throughout this project it has always been easy to get in contact and have support when needed. migenius dos not only have a great platform they are a also great business partner.

Digital Context AB
Digital Context AB

The quality of customer service a company provides is best judged not by how they serve their biggest customers, but how they serve their smallest. Massuni is a self-funded startup that first approached migenius in 2009 with a set of requirements that no other vendor could satisfy. Since then, we have been the beneficiaries of their expertise, generosity, and of course, outstanding technology. If only every company we worked with was as capable and supportive as migenius.

Massuni/Verso Furniture
Massuni/Verso Furniture

migenius is a great company to work with. Their technology and support have been critical for the development of our products.
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