The migenius mission is to integrate photorealistic rendering in your business.

Traditionally 3D modelling, rendering and analysis tools have been the exclusive domains of experienced operators of complex software, such as CAD/CAM packages, Digital Content Creation tools and FE Analysis programs. These products require an ever-increasing level of user knowledge and local workstation computing power to operate, pushing them further and further outside the realm of wide scale adoption.

The vast amounts of 3D content generated by these products is frequently underutilised since only those with sufficient computing power are able to access the information efficiently. This is particularly true when 3D rendering (the act of taking 3D modelling data and producing photorealistic images) is introduced as a means of viewing 3D information.

By applying extensive experience on large scale commercial projects and the convergence of several key technologies, migenius makes high quality, 3D information, in the form of photorealistic imagery, available to the widest possible audience, with no need for expensive workstation computers or complex software. All that is required is an Internet connection and a web browser.


Several significant technology trends are helping to drive disruptive innovation in live 3D services:

The Cloud is bringing demand based, remotely accessible, affordable compute resources while the proliferation of connected mobile devices is ensuring that everyone, everywhere can access their information as well as collaborate with others. Adding NVIDIA Iray technology, along with integration developed by migenius, interactive photorealistic images of users 3D content can now be deployed into this environment. migenius is focused on ensuring that real-world benefits are realised with these technologies by creating end-user products that address specific market needs.


Currently migenius is launching a tightly focused range of end user products in service of our core mission. These products build on Iray technology from NVIDIA as well as significant in-house technology created by migenius. Underlying these products is the RealityServer platform, originally developed at NVIDIA/mental images and now being evolved directly by migenius for commercial use as an independent product. The RealityServer platform itself is the first product to be offered by migenius.

We are planning several new products to address the growing demands of customers. migenius offers several tools focused on enabling users to take their 3D information from the most popular content creation tools and quickly and easily load them into our Cloud based environment. From there they can share their work, collaboratively with anyone that has access to a web browser, whether on a mobile device or conventional computer. Our most significant initial products target users of the most popular 3D modelling tools available today.


Bringing together over 70 years of combined specialised knowledge and experience in online, collaborative 3D application development, migenius has developed a considerable base of technology and know-how in a field that other organisations are only now becoming aware of, providing a significant leading position. With over 8 years of commercial experience building RealityServer solutions, migenius now directly employs the core team of engineers, previously from responsible for design and development of RealityServer itself, adding significantly to the capability to rapidly deploy and maintain 3D technology.

Business Operations

migenius is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, with offices in London, England and Tokyo, Japan. While primarily a product driven company (with associated subscription services), migenius also performs systems integration and consulting work for those adopting RealityServer and other related technologies in areas where migenius has no product offerings. The creation of products at migenius builds on a significant library of licensable technology assets that can be applied to a broad range of industries.

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