Customer Announcement – Tapglance 3 Unleashed

TapGlance is a powerful and intuitive interior design app. Within minutes and without any prior experience, you can create photo-realistic images of just about any interior design project you have in mind.

Drag and drop furniture, fixtures and appliances into your plan – more than 2000 items are included with the app for free. Test material combinations using over a thousand included materials or import your own seamless textures or camera photos.

TapGlance is developed by one of our long term clients, Black Mana Studios and is based on their award winning “Interior Design for iPad” app. With hundreds of thousands of users, and the distinction of being one of TIME magazine’s top 50 best apps in the world.

TapGlance uses the migenius RealityServer platform to enable their clients to produce their own physically accurate and photoreal images of their designed spaces, with all processing completed in the cloud. Here are just a few images made by TapGlance users, with no 3D modelling or rendering experience.

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TapGlance 3 now supports iPhone and has added many new features and improvements to this most successful application set. Go and try TapGlance for free today by downloading from the App Store.

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Chris Blewitt

Chris has over 20 years of direct experience and deep knowledge of 3D project management systems and high speed physical based rendering technologies. As former CEO and co-founder of Luminova, a specialist 3D visualisation and application development group, some 3,000 projects were successfully delivered to many of the world’s largest companies, over a 13 year period. Since 2011 Chris has been a partner and co-founder of migenius, the home of the cloud based RealityServer solution platform.

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