migenius Welcomes Iray for Rhino

Starting November 20th 2017 migenius has taken over the support and development of the Iray for Rhino plugin. We have been big fans of Rhino for a long time and look forward to expanding the plugin’s features going forward, including increased compatibility with RealityServer and integration of the latest Iray features. We have released an updated version of the plugin for Rhino 5.0 with Iray 2017.1.1, including the incredible new AI denoising functionality. You can download a free 30 day trial and purchase Iray for Rhino from irayplugins.com.

Paul Arden

Paul Arden has worked in the Computer Graphics industry for over 20 years, co-founding the architectural visualisation practice Luminova out of university before moving to mental images and NVIDIA to manage the Cloud-based rendering solution, RealityServer, now managed by migenius where Paul serves as CEO.

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