Another Award for Bloom Unit

Bloom Unit, our physically accurate, photorealistic renderer for SketchUp has just won another award. The LIT Lighting Design Awards selected Bloom Unit for an award in the Innovative Lighting Design Software Applications category, making this the third lighting industry accolade to be handed out for a RealityServer based product. Behind the scenes Bloom Unit uses RealityServer as its core rendering engine and much of its functionality is inherited from this platform. It’s great to see recognition of the difference physical accuracy makes in the usefulness of rendering for this industry.

Paul Arden

Paul Arden has worked in the Computer Graphics industry for over 20 years, co-founding the architectural visualisation practice Luminova out of university before moving to mental images and NVIDIA to manage the Cloud-based rendering solution, RealityServer, now managed by migenius where Paul serves as CEO.

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